About us

The prior aim of our firm is to adapt itself to continously changing and improving innovations. We especially continue our study on education all the time. Cause we know that the persistent thing is innovating and changing the firms of theirselfs not the current positions and knowledges.


The portable way of white board. Can hold to the surfaces like wall, glass, window and wood.  
Then will be used like a white board. Not a foil. Having a holding option not a sticker.
For the constant using, it can be used up to 7-8 motnhs. The using life will be decreased if detached too much. 
The wet wipes must not be used, need to be dry cleaned. 

What Can Be Done With PAper Board?
-You can use the desired surface (Glass, wall, door, furniture) like a white board. 
-You can use your current black boards like a white board. 
-You can change your walls like an art gallery.  
-You can use like a projection display surface.